12 Etika Berkomentar di Blog Orang

Situs Lifehacker memberikan 12 petunjuk mengenai bagaimana berkomentar yang baik di blog orang; berikut kutipannya. Tentu ini tidak dimaksudkan sebagai suatu aturan atawa ‘hukum’ yang harus dipatuhi orang ke manapun ia berkomentar. Hanya saja, kalau anda ingin dianggap sebagai komentator yang sopan, baik, lagi berbobot (dan mengundang orang untuk balik mengunjungi blog anda), cobalah mempraktikkan rambu-rambu ini. 😉

[Comot satu ide lagi secara acak…]

clipped from lifehacker.com
Stay on topic.
Don’t change the subject.
Contribute new information to the discussion.
Before you comment, read the entire thread and make sure your comment offers something new to the conversation.
Don’t comment for the sake of commenting.
Commenters who only say “First!” or “Nice site” on an open thread have no business hitting that “Post” button at all.
Know when to comment and when to e-mail.
Remember that nobody likes a know-it-all.
When fact-checking, pointing out a typo or dead link or asserting a dissenting opinion, do it in a respectful, friendly way.
Make the tone of your message clear.
Use emoticons or additional information to communicate the spirit of your message.
Own your comment.
Build your identity and own your words by placing your name and weblog address on your comments wherever possible.
Be succinct.
Stay short and to the point.
Cite your sources with links or inline quoting.
Be courteous.
Don’t post when you’re angry, upset, drunk or emotional.
Do not feed or tease the trolls.
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